Polyurethane Grouting - The Effective Waterproofing Method

What is Grouting?

Polyurethane Grouting

The grouting method uses grout, a mixture of cement sand and water or chemicals applied to fill gaps. Grouting is a favourable method for repairing concrete cracks, filling seams and gaps in tiles, sealing gap/cracks, waterproofing, and soil stabilization.

The grouting method provides strength to the foundation of high load-bearing structures.

What is PU Grouting or Polyurethane Grouting?

The method of PU grouting uses polyurethane mixed with other active accelerators, grouted under high pressure in concrete structures. Polyurethane grouting helps to cut off high pressure and velocity gushing water. During PU grouting, grout materials used with uniform plastic packers react with water/moisture and expands to form a tough, closed rubber that becomes resistant to a corrosive environment. This method of grouting is known as a productive water retaining method.

PU grouting is a widely used waterproofing method that creates a barrier to water flow, a structured re-levelling, seals joints and structural cracks. The impact and effectiveness of PU grouting are more on being applied on the underside or negative side of the water seepage. This type of grouting is a known method in the construction sector and utilized in infrastructure and industrial markets for slab lifting of streets or interior floors.

Advantages of using the PU grouting method

  • Among the most notable features of PU grouting, it is quick and fast and is cost-effective.

  • Owing to the property of materials used in this technique, they have low viscosity, allowing them to expand and seal tiny cracks that can cause leakage.

  • The light equipment requirement and materials used in PU grouting, make it a time-efficient than any other grouting method.

  • This method is applicable as it is clean and uncluttered.

  • The PU Grouting uses an injection method. The injection rods cause small drill holes, making the process light and less disruptive for other structural members.