Membrane Waterproofing Contractors and Services

APP Membrane

A sheet-based waterproofing membrane is a pre-manufactured, flexible sheet used to create a barrier against water intrusion. These membranes are commonly used in construction to waterproof roofs, foundations, basements, and other structures. They come in rolls and are unrolled and laid on a firm surface
Liquid applied waterproofing membrane forms a continuous, monolithic layer. This eliminates vulnerabilities and provides superior waterproofing, especially for complex shapes with penetrations. Liquid applied membranes can often be applied more quickly than sheet membranes, particularly on complex surfaces. This can be a time-saving benefit for construction projects

These membranes offer:

  • high flexibility, easy installation, long-term durability are resistant to many chemicals and provide high protection to concrete structures designed to withstand high water pressure forms a continuous, monolithic layer.

  • Eliminates vulnerabilities and provides superior waterproofing, best used for complex shapes with penetrations

  • Liquid membranes are often applied by brush, roller, or spray, making them easier and faster to install compared to sheet membranes that require careful laying and sealing

  • Liquid membranes are water-based and solvent-free, making them a more environmentally friendly option compared to some traditional waterproofing methods.

APP Membrane

Types of Sheet waterproofing membrane

  • PVC Membrane

  • TPO Membrane

  • APP Membrane

  • HDPE Membrane

Types of Liquid applied waterproofing membrane

  • Poly-Urea membrane coating.

  • Poly-Urethane membrane coating

  • Hybrid PU coating.

  • Polymer coating

  • 2 component membrane coating.